OSCE Psychiatry Scenarios

AMECS is a complete OSCE station platform that helps you to maximise your marks in your upcoming exam. We create top psychiatry osce scenarios for medical students

Medical students commonly worry about underperforming in Psychiatry OSCEs. The main issue is the lack of exposure to focused histories when on placement. 

It’s simple, medical students don’t get enough practice of OSCE psychiatry scenarios and don’t feel confident enough in the real exam

Often medical students don’t know what areas of psychiatry they should be focusing on and osce sessions usually turn into guess work.

That kind of guessing is like throwing darts blindfolded and hoping you hit the bull’s eye.

Sometimes it works. Usually it doesn’t.

Fortunately, there’s another way…

Our psychiatry osce medical student stations force you to think in the exact way the exams are written. Actually they push you beyond what you would be expected to do in the real exam.

We take you from understanding the basics to applying what you actually know to score top marks. 

AMECS is proud to say we over prepare our OSCE psychiatry scenarios. We want you to enter that station knowing you will score top marks. 

What makes our stations different? We have complied a list of the most osce psychiatry scenarios and stations tested in medical schools.

Our mission is to provide you with detailed feedback and insights so you can fine tune your OSCE performance.

Part of AMEC’s power comes from our exclusive stations each one including a candidate instruction, actor instruction and mark scheme.

Our interactive content is embedded directly into our mark schemes allowing you to simulate a full exam

This gives you true focused practice needed to recognise the information given in your OSCE exams. If you use this subscription correctly you will leave feeling more confident and practiced for your upcoming exams.  


Our subscribers get access to the following psychiatry osce scenarios for medical students…

  • History

Alcohol history

Antidepressant counselling


Bulimia Nervosa


Psychotic depression




History, differentials and 3 questions

Key Features

  • Past OSCE stations from UK medical schools
  • Stations for Years 1 to 5
  • Stations simulate real cases
  • Key differentials, investigations and initial management covered
  • Stations written by examiners to ensure maximum possible marks in your exam
  • Fully interactive and includes real CXR, AXR, ABG, ECG and CTs
  • Detailed mark schemes
  • Feedback on OSCE stations
  • Review your score against your peers with comprehensive dashboard statistics
  • Members can request stations from our team of experts

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