Premium Medical Student
OSCE stations

AMECS is a complete OSCE station platform that helps you to maximise your marks. We use cutting edge technology in order to simulate OSCE cases and mark schemes.

Premium Medical Student
OSCE stations

AMECS is a complete OSCE exam station platform that helps you to maximise your marks. We use cutting edge technology in order to simulate OSCE cases and mark schemes.


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Medical Student OSCE stations are used by medical schools to assess your clinical skills in a structured, safe and fair environment. Stations cover a large range of competencies including examinations, history taking, communication, procedures, data interpretation and prescribing. Each station aims to simulate a real patient encounter and allows an examiner to see first hand how you are performing. The marking is objective, so if you meet the criteria you get the marks. We are a medical education company that aims to refine these skills and help you prepare for your upcoming exams in order to help you score top marks.

Amecs works for you

Our clients love us because we never settle on these

Peace of mind

You’re free to focus on studying, let us handle what you need to know. Always learning, refining, and adding new content.

Support that cares

Support is our number one priority. Pro-active osce exam experts at your service, who reach out when your attention is needed.

User-friendly, yet powerful

Designed with beginners in mind and packed with advanced features you will love. Start with a quick and simple signup, and jump into our advanced revision features.

State of the art stations

We work with examiners to create state-of-the-art stations. Featuring a complete simulation environment like the real exam, to make sure you can prepare best for your exams.

Past osce staitons

Our stations have been complied from past osce exams across uk medical schools. If you can’t find an OSCE station that you want, send us a message in the members area and we will add it to our list of stations to make.

World class technology

We use active and passive measures to improve our stations. Continuous monitoring allows us to refine stations in order to improve your simulation experience. Bottom line: your revision is as focused as possible.

Peace of mind

Spend less time worrying about your revision and more time focusing on what you need to know. Whether you need focus on ENT, cardiovascular examinations; amecs’s got you covered every step of the way.

Support that cares

Providing fast and knowledgeable support has been our number one priority since day one. Instead of scripted replies, we have actual osce experts standing by 24×7 ready to assist you.

  • Fast feedback
  • Osce experts
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • 100% solve rate

Instant feedback

Our mark scheme ensure that you get feedback immediately after you complete a station. Allowing instant debriefs on areas that you have excelled and those you can improve on.

Efficient communication

Communication is key, both internally and externally. We have a support area for members, if you have a problem or need some clarification then all you need to do is send us a message.

WordPress know-how

At amecs, support osce knowledge is not an afterthought, it’s our number one priority. Our team can ‘speak’ osce fluently, has experience in examining, working with individuals not passed on first attempt, and more!

Sharing the knowledge

When we solve an issue with a member we share the knowledge internally and work to improve the way we operate.

Website status

We check your sites’ uptime regularly which means that our response time is amost immediate. Our staff is alerted instantly and they’ll start resolving the issue well before you contact us.

Internal monitoring

We monitor the status of our other external and internal systems just as rigorously. This keeps our servers healthy, allowing us to focus on continuous improvements.


We emphasize the sharing of knowledge within our support department which makes us a well-oiled machine. Complex issues may call for teamwork behind the scenes, something our team is more than ready for.

Every issue solved

Whether you have a question about a station, struggling to use the site or issues paying. If it is a problem on our end we will take care of it swiftly and professionally.

Medical Student OSCE Stations

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Discount codes

Discount codes are available from medical school societies and other medical institutions to help you get your practice on track

Detailed statistics

Logged in users are able to see their average scores per subject and those of the average user. Allowing focused practice in these areas.

Extensive support

Contextual help from your account provides you with relevant information at your fingertips. If you cannot find the answer our dedicated support team are here to solve your technical problems.

Account management

You can easily manage all of your account details after logging in. It’s never been easier to update your email, password, card details or subscription settings.

Card payment

All card payments are securely processed by our card provider, giving you peace of mind when buying online. All invoices are available from your account dashboard.

Member emails

Secure member emails allow us to keep in contact with you. Emails will update you with your subscriptions and any site news.

Premium features on all plans

  • Past OSCE stations from Medical Schools
  • Key differentials, investigations and initial management covered
  • Fully interactive and includes real CXR, AXR, ABG, ECG and CTs
  • Review your score against your peers with comprehensive dashboard statistics
  • Members can request stations from our team of experts

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