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AMECS is a complete OSCE station platform that helps you to maximise your marks. We use cutting edge technology in order to simulate OSCE cases and mark schemes.


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Medical Student OSCE Exam Stations
By Doctors & Examiners


  • Our stations have been complied from past OSCE exams from medical schools all across the UK
  • If you can’t find an OSCE station that you want, send us a message in the members area and we will add it to our list of stations to make
  • OSCE stations are updated, refined and improved all the time by our team to create the best osce exam checklists
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Members can request new stations at any time. These will be added to our list and created by our experts. Just another way to ensure you get the best practice possible
Cardiovascular examination OSCE exam station

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OSCE exam station OSCE mark scheme


  • Easily mark each answer with a click
  • OSCE mark schemes made by examiners
  • Key differentials, investigations and initial management covered
  • Fully interactive and includes real CXR, AXR, ABG, ECG and CTs
  • Most advanced online osce exam checklist


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OSCE exam station OSCE cases

Many OSCE station mark schemes give a score per point, however at AMECS we group together marking areas just like the real Medical Student OSCE exam. This is the most common way to score candidates as it helps see your performance as a whole and not as a list of points –  that’s what makes our osce exam checklist so different. Our unique scoring helps you more accurately see which areas you need to focus on.

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Statistics can be seen in the members area for individual OSCE stations and categories as a whole. You can see how you’re performing against other users. And it’s a useful way to see what areas you should focus on next

Do you know what the most common cause of failing OSCEs as a medical student is?

It’s simple, students don’t get enough practice of true clinical sings and don’t feel confident enough in the real exam

Often students don’t know what they should be practicing and osce sessions usually turn into guess work.

That kind of guessing is like throwing darts blindfolded and hoping you hit the bull’s eye.

Sometimes it works. Usually it doesn’t.

Fortunately, there’s another way…

Our stations force you to think in the exact way the exams are written.

We take you from understanding the basics to applying what you actually know to score top marks. 

AMECS is the world’s first and only online OSCE revision platform 

What makes our stations different? We have complied a list of the most common osce stations tested in medical schools.

Our mission is to provide you with detailed feedback and insights so you can fine tune your OSCE performance.

You will learn how to master every part of the exam including; histories, examination, data interpretation in order to score top marks –  our osce exam checklist are focused to help you ace stations 

Part of AMEC’s power comes from our exclusive stations each one including a candidate instruction, actor instruction and mark scheme.

Our interactive content is embedded directly into our mark schemes allowing you to simulate a full exam

Why don’t I show you what makes us different?

We don’t give you a generic cardiovascular examination mark scheme

We simulate real cases you will get in your exams

You will be provided with photos of clinical signs

We provide you with heart auscultations sounds including real patient murmurs. You will be expected to present this finding to your marker

You will ask you about your differentials for the murmur just given

You will be expected you apply your knowledge with ECGs, CXRs and Echo reports

At the end of our stations you will be quizzed on the most common questions asked for that station

Each station is crafted to give you the most complete osce simulation package unlike any other textbook out there

This gives you true focused practice needed to recognise the information given in your OSCE exams. If you use this subscription correctly you will leave feeling more confident and practiced for your upcoming exams.  

Have a look below at all the features that we have on offer!

Key Features

  • Past OSCE stations from Medical Schools
  • Stations for Years 1 to 5
  • Stations simulate real osce cases
  • Key differentials, investigations and initial management covered
  • Stations written by examiners to ensure maximum possible marks in your exam
  • Fully interactive and includes real CXR, AXR, ABG, ECG and CTs
  • Detailed osce mark schemes & osce exam checklists
  • Feedback on stations
  • Review your score against your peers with comprehensive dashboard statistics
  • Members can request stations from our team of experts

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